October 14, 2014 by Natalie

New Why’s Beginning

At the end of 2009, I was invited to join a little web and marketing shop called Commerce Kitchen. We were a scattering of six people working remotely on smaller-scale websites, SEO, and social media, with a handful of bigger dev projects every now and then.

Then we began to grow. At the beginning of 2011 we decided to start working at a small office space at 28th and Downing. Usually it was just Tynan and me, then others began coming into the office regularly, until we outgrew that space and moved to a bigger office next door.

Michelle (bottom right) and me (left right) with the other two owners of Commerce Kitchen.

Michelle (bottom right) and me (bottom left) with the other two owners of Commerce Kitchen, being snarky.

By fall of 2012 we had outgrown that space as well, and we moved to the Firehouse, where Commerce Kitchen still is today. Well, as Commerce Kitchen grew, the focus shifted to building the custom web application development side of the business, though we still built smaller marketing websites and executed SEO and marketing campaigns.

But we began to ask ourselves: is our brand confusing? Commerce Kitchen has changed so much, and right now it’s becoming a huge player in the digital health scene in Colorado, and that’s the direction it feels passionate about. But what about the smaller websites? What about our roots in online marketing?

This is where New Why was born. Michelle and I, with the excitement and support of Commerce Kitchen’s other two owners, decided to spin off the website design and marketing side of the business. We want to continue to build great marketing websites and help people get found online, while Commerce Kitchen can continue to build the custom development side of the business.

New Why will be able to offer a broader range of websites and marketing to businesses of all sizes. It’s important to Michelle and me that we’re able to continue to create well-built and effective websites and marketing campaigns for small businesses and nonprofits, as well as for larger organizations.

We’re still very much connected to Commerce Kitchen, and the CK staff continues to work with us on projects where their talent is needed and appreciated.

Many of the blog posts you’ll see on our site were written by Michelle and me when we were owners of Commerce Kitchen. However, they are still relevant to the work we do at New Why, and to our professional passions: getting more women involved in tech, and creating great staff and client experiences.

New Why is our new why: a 100% women owned business dedicated to website marketing and marketing websites for good people.

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