November 23, 2022 by Monique

2022 Gift Guide For Small Business Owners

Whether you love or hate the consumerism this time of year brings, chances are you have to buy something for somebody this holiday season. Whether it’s a boss, a coworker, or yourself, we’ve put together some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for small business owners, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs. Think of it as a list of Oprah’s favorite things but from New Why. Enjoy!

Local Gift Baskets

One of our favorite gifts to give is a basket with local items. A fun way to get this done is to check out a holiday pop-up market or bazaar (or farmer’s market if you’re lucky enough to have those going on still). You can fill a basket with fun snacks and tchotchkes from local vendors, and your small business owner friend can receive gifts from other small business owners! No markets in your area? Check your local Whole Foods or Sprouts, which often carry foodstuffs from local vendors.

Ring Light

I’ll be honest; I didn’t know what a ring light was until the pandemic started. Then all of a sudden, these incredible work-from-home (WFH) tools started popping up all over the internet, and I was all, “Where has this been my entire WFH life?” A ring light is a Godsend for video conferencing. The additional light centered on your face keeps you looking fresh in all your Zoom and FaceTime meetings instead of creepy and washed out. If your small business owner buddy doesn’t have a ring light, get them one. Even a cheap one can make a huge difference. Here’s the one I have.

Custom Laptop Sleeve

This requires a little sleuth work as you have to know what size laptop your small business owner pal has, but once you get that down, the world is your oyster! Laptop sleeves are like a little sweatshirt for your laptop. (I actually call it my laptop’s sweatshirt). They keep your computer all cozy and cute when toting it around in another bag, in your car, or even just in your hands. You can find laptop sleeves in all the usual places things are sold (Target, Amazon, Etsy, etc.), but you can also make your small business owner friend a cute one on Zazzle or Shutterfly, either with their logo or some fun photos.


A calendar? Yes! But not just any old calendar. Remember, New Why is in the business of doing social media management for small businesses, so we’re recommending a really COOL calendar. We haven’t used this one, but we saw it online and think it’s a great idea. It’s a desktop calendar that gives you the daily internet holidays. So if your small business owner friend ever needs some inspiration for social media posts, they need look no further than this calendar!

Wireless Earbuds

When Apple came out with their wireless earbuds, I thought it was just another gimmick to get me to buy more Apple products, so I resisted. Then Natalie mentioned that she got a pair of wireless earbuds at Five Below. For $5, I decided to try some out. I will say wireless earbuds are a game changer. Listen to your favorite podcasts on the go. Make Zoom calls in the coffee shop. Enjoy ASRM before you sleep. Whatever! Having a pair of these headphones allows small business owners that much more flexibility to get things done without being encumbered by wires or oversized sweaty headphones.

Bullet Journal

Many of us on the New Why team are Bullet Journalers. I’m not going to explain here what Bullet Journals are or why they are so great for productivity for small business owners. That’s a blog post for another day. But if you are new to bullet journaling, feel free to watch this video or check out this article and give it a try. My favorite bullet journal is the Lemome from Amazon, but you can find cheaper ones wherever stuff is sold.

Gratitude Journal

“Gratitude builds a bridge to abundance.” – Roy Bennett
Help the small business owner in your life channel abundance through a gratitude journal. There are many on the market, but our personal favorite is the Five Minute Journal from Intelligent Change. Bonus: They also have a great productivity and wellness newsletter!

Office Supplies

Are you a sucker for fun office supplies? No? Just me? Well, if your small business owner pal is like me and loves fun office supplies, here are a few of my favorites. Highlighters, marker pens, and these are currently my favorite pens (but I’m always in the market for new pens, so let me know if you have any recommendations!)

Productivity Stickers

If your small business owner buddy likes to journal or uses a planner, stickers can be a fun accessory. They are a cute way to brighten up a page without much effort. I’m a sucker for stickers, and I grab one whenever I see a local business offering free stickers. I put them on my bullet journal, water bottle, and laptop!

Laptop Charger

Speaking of laptops, this might be my favorite gift of all. It seems excessive, but hear me out. My laptop charger is plugged into the wall when I am docked at home to my monitor and keyboard. Let’s say I decide to finish my work that afternoon in the coffee shop. I have to crawl under my desk and disconnect my charger. When I get home, I have to crawl back under my desk to reconnect my laptop charger. I know… #privilegedpeopleproblems. But trust me. The small business owner in your life will love having an extra charger to keep in their laptop bag, briefcase, or backpack. It’s just one less thing to deal with and ensures they can power up their laptop wherever they are.

Phone Tripod

A tripod for a smartphone is a solid investment. They are great for taking product shots. Selfies. Recording videos. Family photographs. The possibilities are endless.

Cheeky Mug

No office is complete without someone having a cheeky mug with a fun expression. Work from home? That’s okay. Your small business buddy will appreciate having a cup with an attitude that puts a little smile on their face and is a fun accessory for Zoom calls. Here are some good ones.

Lotto or Scratch Tickets

Your small business owner buddy might be looking for a little extra loot. Why not MAYBE give them some? Scratch tickets are another one of my favorite gifts. You either made someone richer or gave them a few minutes of fun and hope. They are inexpensive but also say, “Hey, I am rooting for you, and if you win, will you give me a few bucks?” Win-win for everyone.

A Review!

This should probably have been the first thing on the list, as reviews are critical for small businesses! Whether it’s Google Reviews, Yelp, or a shoutout on NextDoor or in a Facebook Group, a single positive review can increase conversions by 10% (Source: Bazaarvoice). So by writing a review for your favorite small business, you’re also helping to give them more business! buddy might be looking for a little extra loot. Why not MAYBE give them some? Scratch tickets are another one of my favorite gifts. You either made someone richer or gave them a few minutes of fun and hope. They are inexpensive but also say, “Hey, I am rooting for you, and if you win, will you give me a few bucks?” Win-win for everyone.

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Happy holidays to all our small business owner friends, daring entrepreneurs, and nonprofit pals! Wishing you a prosperous and amazing 2023!

We did it again! Check out our 2023 gift guide.

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