Today’s 30 minute marketing tip is to help you build your audience on social media. This tip works specifically for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, but not necessarily for Facebook.

Let’s say you sell vegan bacon and you want to build your audience. What other businesses and organizations would your ideal client follow and interact with on social media? I would imagine it would be other vegan food manufacturers, farm animal sanctuaries and other animal rescues, nonprofits that advocate for animal rights, vegan restaurants, vegan shoes, maybe even Colorado’s First Gentleman, who is an outspoken vegan.

First, start by evaluating which of their posts get the most interaction. Short or long videos? Visual or audio memes? Quotes? Photos? This can help inform your social media tactics, so make sure to keep this in mind when you create content in the future, though this isn’t the point of this post!

For the sake of this 30 minute marketing task, what I want you to do is go to the Instagram or Twitter profile of one of these lookalike organizations or businesses who has a vibrant social media presence, and see who has liked a recent post. Then, you can scroll through the profiles of people who have liked the post, and if their profile is public, go ahead and follow them.

While you can’t see all the likes from a TikTok post, you can see who has commented on these posts, and you can follow those commenters.

They may follow you back immediately, and they may not. But now you can “like” and interact with relevant content of theirs, and eventually they will be more likely to follow you back and engage with your posts.

Screenshot of Instagram showing where to see who likes an imageSpend thirty minutes doing this. Follow people who like your competitors’ or lookalikes’ content, interact with a few things they’ve posted, and then move on. Sometimes people will discover you on their own, but often they won’t, so this is a proactive way to make your ideal audience aware of your existence.

The first image shows how to do this with Instagram, and the image below shows you where to see the likes on Twitter. For Twitter you’ll need to view the tweet itself (click on the date/time to get there), then you can click on the number of “likes” to see who liked it. Gif of a Tweet

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