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Your target audience is looking. But are they finding you?

To get the Internet working for you, you need a solid SEO strategy on your side. And you need consistent implementation day after day. Month after month.That’s where we come in. With more 13 years of SEO experience, we’ve been around for major algorithm updates, huge shifts in user behavior, and constantly evolving technologies that influence how people search online.

What Helps a Website Perform Better in Search?

Local SEO
You probably already knew this, but Google gives different search results to different people, according to how they search and where they search. We make sure your website is optimized on local listings and directories so that you show up in Google’s local results for more people in your target area.

Don’t have a physical location? That’s okay too. We can adjust our SEO packages for online-only businesses by removing the local optimization option. However, sometimes being optimized for where your business is headquartered, even without a brick and mortar presence, can be extremely valuable.

Onsite Optimization
Keyword optimization, metadata optimization, and technical optimization. They’re all part of what makes a website discoverable in search.

If you don’t have the right words in the right place on your website, Google won’t know to rank you for what you offer, even if your audience can tell. And if you have technical behind-the-scenes issues impacting your website, it can dramatically affect how well you do in search.

Link Building
When other websites link to you, search engines determine that your site is valuable and should be elevated in the rankings.

Once upon a time, getting lots of links was easy. But then Google began penalizing websites with low-quality links, which meant that years of paying for (bad) SEO went down the drain for many businesses and organizations. Getting links on reputable websites takes time, effort, and know-how.

Blog Writing
Blogs work for SEO. Over the years, we have consistently seen that blogging can bring in a tremendous amount of search traffic, if you do it right.

Our blog writers, based in Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles, have been blogging for nearly as long as blogging has even been a thing. We write blogs focused on both SEO and what your audience will find the most useful, interesting, and valuable.

Our SEO Packages and Pricing

Looking for a One-Time SEO Solution?

SEO is an ongoing process, and it can sometimes take months before it begins to pay off. With that said, we do offer one-time optimization packages or SEO audits that include a breakdown of improvements your team needs to make to do better in search. Contact us below for more information.

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