Hulu Advertising for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Affordable targeted advertising with video ads on Hulu

60 Million People Use Hulu’s Free Service, Which Means They’re Seeing Ads. But Are They Seeing Yours?

Households that don’t pay for ad-free Hulu make up nearly 70% of Hulu’s user base. Unlike other streaming and television networks, Hulu encourages small businesses and nonprofits, who rarely have the budgets for traditional TV advertising, to reach local viewers with video ads.

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Hulu Advertising: Process and Costs

After your video is ready to go, New Why will work with you to identify the best Hulu audience for your organization.

We’ll run an ad campaign for one month, testing its reach. While other online advertising offers the opportunity to track clicks, Hulu advertising functions more like television commercials; the goal is brand and name awareness, educating your audience about who you are and what you offer.

Campaigns start at $1,000, including the cost of running the ad on Hulu.

Already Have a 15-30 Second Promotional Video?

Great! We can get the process started quickly so you’re showing up on screens before your competitors.

Need a Promotional Video for Hulu Advertising?

New Why has teamed up with Erin Preston Productions to offer three tiers of video ads designed to work with a variety of budgets.


Starts at $1,500

Our video partner will create a promotional video for you using stock footage and music, with copy written by your team.


Starts at $2,500

The step-up video will use stock footage and music, with a script and voiceover.


Starts at $5,000

Custom videos include a video shoot at your location and a final promotional video you can use on a variety of platforms.