WordPress Hosting and Managed Updates

Carefree website hosting with managed updates lets you focus on your organization – not your website.

Secure WordPress Hosting Backed By WPEngine, Managed by Real People

With our servers provisioned by WPEngine, you get the peace of mind of one of the most secure and reliable WordPress hosting setups out there. On top of that, you get access to a top-notch team of web developers, should you ever need us.

Nightly Plugin Updates Keep Your Site Secure

Ever login to your WordPress site to see dozens of outdated plugins? Too terrified to hit that “Update All” button? Don’t worry – we’ll take care of it. Every. Single. Day. 

The Details

Hosting Backed By WPEngine

We’ll move your site from your current host to our servers provisioned by WPEngine, the best hosting solution for WordPress. Stable, secure, and in it for the long haul – exactly what you want in a host (or any relationship, for that matter). It’s also a LOT faster than most shared WordPress hosting solutions, which is great for SEO. 

Managed by Real People

On top of all the great benefits of WPEngine, when you host your site with us, you also have a committed team of WordPress nerds in your back pocket, should you need us. With your site on our servers, you always have someone you can reach out when you have questions about how your site works.

Nightly Plugin Updates...

Every night, we’ll check your site for outdated plugins. If we find any, we’ll make backups, run the updates, and run tests before and after each update to make sure nothing goes sideways on your site.

...And Daily Backups

Regardless of whether or not we run any overnight updates, we’ll also backup your site daily. That’s right. Every. Single. Day. That means if that new intern is editing your site and accidentally deletes your homepage, we can restore your site to the backup point. No headaches. No heartbreaks. 

An Hour of Our Time

You also have the assurance that if anything does go wobbly with any of your updates, you have up to an hour of our time each month to troubleshoot that for you, and most of the time, we can manage any issues without even having to bother you with it. And if something bigger comes up, we’ll reach out to scope any work with you before we dive in, so you’re never surprised with a bill.

Only $200/Month for Most Sites

All but the biggest sites fit within the constraints of our basic package, and that includes up to one hour of our developers’ time/month – a $150 value.  Nonprofits get the exact same deal for $180/month! 

Ready to Get Some Serious WordPress Hosting?

Excellent. Because we’re serious about serious WordPress hosting. Drop us a line and we’ll let you know what we need to get you moved over!

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