Paddle Slower

What’s the Rush?

Hey friend. Slow down. As far anyone knows, this is your one life. You can spend it like you’re shoving quarters down the throat of a slot machine and hope that it regurgitates all over your lap. Or you can savor it. You can stop the frantic doing, making, taking, and going.

There’s More.

Look up from your phone. Look away from your screen.

Just Stop.

Sometimes when you’re sitting on a dock and you dangle your feet into the water, tiny fish come and nibble at your toes. It’s sort of like those slightly disturbing fish spas but cheaper and not as gross. And the air smells better.

Have You Forgotten?

On a good day, when the wind is just right, you can look up at the clouds and they seem to be sliding over one another, like tectonic plates on speed. You’ll feel like you’re hallucinating.

It’s a Good Book.

You have read too many business books for your own good. Disrupt-pivot-MBA-IPO-series-A blah blah blah. But seriously, have you seen the stars? Shooting stars even. Constellations. Drive out to the plains, lie on the hood of your car, and disrupt your normal frenzy: pivot toward quiet.

This place is real.

Meet you there?

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