Free Advertising from Google

(All You Pay for Is Our Time)

What Are Google Grants?

Google Adwords offers free advertising to approved nonprofits, for up to $329 per day. That’s around $10,000 a month that non-profit organizations can use to advertise their services, events, fundraising initiatives, and more.

Where Do Your Ads Show Up?

Your ads appear when someone searches Google using the words that we’ve identified as being relevant to your organization.

How It Works


Step 1

New Why applies for the Google Adwords Grant on behalf of your organization.


Step 2

We get to know your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Step 3

We create ad campaigns to maximize that free $10,000 a month.

Step 4

We monitor ongoing ads and create new ones to align with your actions and events.

How Much Does New Why Charge?

New Why typically charges a percentage of the ad “spend.” In this case we charge 15% of what you would be paying Google for your ads. If, for example, we’re able to reach that $10,000 of free ad spend per month, you pay New Why $1,500 per month. If you’re getting up to $5,000 per month, you pay New Why $750. Make sense?

For organizations who have tons of events, our pricing structure changes a bit.

Tell us about you!

Let’s make the most of Google’s free advertising to help your organization thrive.

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