Google Grants Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Starting at $150 per Month or $350 One-Time Fee

What Are Google Grants?

Google Adwords offers free advertising to approved nonprofits, for up to $329 per day. That’s around $10,000 a month that non-profit organizations can use to advertise their services, events, fundraising initiatives, and more.

Where Do Your Ads Show Up?

Your ads appear when someone searches Google using the words that we’ve identified as being relevant to your organization.

“What Can I Use Google Ad Grants for?”


use google ad grants for fundraising

Help your fundraising efforts by targeting people searching for a nonprofit like yours to donate to.



use google ad grants for outreach

Make sure your target community knows that you offer the services they’re looking for.


use google ad grants to promote nonprofit events

Promote upcoming events to the people who will appreciate them the most.


use google ad grants to get volunteers

Grow your volunteer base to help your organization thrive.

Case Study One

For this nationwide, membership-based nonprofit, the top source of traffic to their website comes from the Google Ad Grant. Last year, before they brought us on, they had about 2,000 visits to their website in a three-month time period. After hiring us to run Google Ad Grants for them, the following year in the same exact time period they had more than 7,000 visits. Many of the people coming to their website had not heard about them in the past, and are now familiar with their services, activities, and mission.


Case Study Two

This music-based nonprofit organization offers classes, camps, and ongoing events. Google Ad Grants is the third largest source of traffic to their website, and in a three-month time period brought in nearly $36,000. Google Ad Grants also have the second highest conversion rate of the top traffic sources, and the highest average order value. Before they were accepted into Google Ad Grants, they spent thousands of dollars on advertising, which they’ve been able to cut back significantly on since we began managing their Ad Grant.


How Much Does New Why Charge?

Unlike your email marketing software or subscriptions you pay for, this work is not automated. New Why creates, edits, monitors, and manages your ads manually. We do this to stay compliant with Google’s requirements and to ensure that you’re reaching as close to that $10,000 per month in free ad spend as possible. New Why’s rates for Adwords management for nonprofits start at $150 per month with a six-month contract, depending on the type and size of your nonprofit organization. We want to make it affordable for nonprofits to access this potentially powerful tool, so we do what we can to optimize your budget.

We also have an option for a one-time setup for $350, and with this option we highly recommend check-ins for compliance every six months at $75 each.

Our rates usually range from $150 to $1,800 per month.

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