Singing Telegram Service

Clown plays the guitar and sings for our Flagstaff Singing Telegram Service

Birthday Party Magic Time’s singing telegram service in Flagstaff is a delightful surprise for children, adults, and awkward teens who just want to be left alone with their smartphones.

What Can I Expect When I Hire a Singing Telegram?

When you use our singing telegram service, from us you can expect operatic voices, enthusiastic dance moves, and on time delivery. From the recipient of your singing telegram gift, be prepared for a pleasant mix of embarrassed horror, excitement, and severe misgivings about your gifting ability.

Each time you use our singing telegram service you can count on the following:

1. A song that matches the occasion
2. A costume and/or makeup that will shock and embarrass
3. A clown car full of creepy clown masks
4. Polaroids taken by our singing telegram

Yes, I’m Interested in Birthday Party Magic Time’s Singing Telegram Service!

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