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One Year Later

A Reflection on the Last Year in Social Media One year in social media is like 10 years in the real world. SO. MUCH. HAS. HAPPENED! In August 2020, Instagram launched Reels – its short-form video response to Tik Tok. Weeks ago, Instagram said it’s no longer just a...
Being Local on Social

Being Local on Social

Or, Stop Hiding Your Accent Last week I spent time in New England, a part of the country that might as well be on another continent for someone like me. I spent most of my childhood in the Kansas City area (on the Kansas side). For my adult life I’ve lived...
Five Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

Five Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

I have a bad habit of hanging out on the couch after work and scrolling through Instagram. After a day of planning, creating, posting, and commenting on social media, you would think that I would want nothing to do with it once I clock out. Wrong. Natalie posted not...

Can’t Add a Facebook Page Admin?

UPDATE: 10/26/2020 I wrote this blog more than seven years ago, and it gets so much traffic. I figured I should probably update it because the information may not be valuable or up to date. Oops. Sorry about that. Here’s my new How to Add a Facebook Admin post,...

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