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Internet Marketing

Scrum for Marketing?

Last week I attended a two-day Scrum product owner certification course. Not only is Scrum a strange word to say (scum meets scrape?), but it’s a challenging concept to translate into what I do, which is marketing. We’ve written about agile software...

Online Conversions

If you have an active website, you probably know what you’d like people to do once they get there. Maybe you want them to buy something from you, or you want them to send you their contact information or sign up for a newsletter. And it’s in your best...

Do LinkedIn Ads Work?

UPDATE: Over the course of several months, we’ve gotten one click from our LinkedIn ads. While this means that we’re not really paying anything, we’re not getting traffic from the ads either. However, we are getting more referral traffic from our...

Awkward Stock Photos

To get straight to the awesomely awkward stock photos, just scroll down. One of my favorite things to do on the internet is to find and collect the creepiest and most nonsensical stock photos. It’s a weird pastime, I realize this. Stock photos are almost...

Buzz Marketing: 5 Steps

It’s every business owner’s dream: marketing that does itself. Because our experience of the internet is so social now, more than a few people out there are hoping that their product or service will suddenly be discovered–via Twitter, Facebook,...

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