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How Volunteers Can Help You From Home

How Volunteers Can Help You From Home

I used to work for a nonprofit that talked about giving in three ways: time, treasure, or talent. I always liked this expression because it did not limit the support of causes you cared about to solely monetary or physical donations. This way of thinking makes...

What Makes Me Better

I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately, and here’s one thing I’ve noticed, since I can’t avoid the TV hanging above me as I workout: CNN does not make me a better person. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the constant barrage of terrifying...

Here’s Why I Give

Last week a canvasser from the Blue Bench (formerly the Rape Assistance and Awareness Program) came to my door, and while I often politely and nervously tell canvassers to leave, I decided to listen to her spiel and donate some money to the cause. This inspired me to...

Get Away From Your Computer

A couple weeks ago Commerce Kitchen took a philanthropy field trip to a horse rescue ranch, where we shoveled horse shit, stuffed bags with hay, tried to fix a baler, took rides on a tractor, and groomed horses. It was freaking awesome. Jamie, one of the CK owners,...

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