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Twitter Mob

The word “mob” itself carries with it some dark and devious connotations, from mobsters to mob justice. But a flash mob can be as benign as a gathering of people singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a shopping mall or as impassioned as a group of people...

The Wrath of a Tweeter Scorned

Despite the wild, untamable success of Twitter and Facebook, we still meet people who are unconvinced that social media matters to their business. I appreciate the sentiment that good old fashioned networking will help grow your business. However, I don’t agree...

SEO in Everything

Making sure that your site is found in search is a multi-layered process. We build inbound links. We make sure your business is listed correctly in hundreds of online directories. We design interesting widgets and infographics. But there’s more to SEO than this....

SEO Basics

Everyone knows that SEO is important, but few people understand SEO basics. At New Why we do things a little differently: we want to create long-lasting, quality relationships between you and the rest of the Web. We believe that clogging up the Internet with junk,...

Social Media for Businesses

Social media isn’t just for keeping in touch with high school friends or posting photos of your dog. Social media for businesses is growing in importance, and we have the expertise to help you incorporate it well. Social Media for Businesses: Twitter, Facebook,...

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