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2 Weird Things I Learned About SEOs This Week

This week I learned two weird things about other companies that do SEO. I shouldn’t be surprised; after all, too many businesses have had bad experiences with blackhat SEO firms and swindlers taking advantage of people who aren’t tech savvy or hip to the...

The Virality of Singing Cats

To skip the pontificating and get straight to the signing cat video just scroll down the page. The elusive VIRUS. We all want it to happen to us, but the chances of it happening are like winning the lottery. This week a nonprofit hit the jackpot with its Kony 2012...

George Takei: Facebook Hero

Maybe it has to do with who my friends are and what my demographic is, but George Takei is all over my Facebook feed, and I don’t even follow the guy. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Why is George Takei, an actor best known for his supporting...

Awkward Stock Photos

To get straight to the awesomely awkward stock photos, just scroll down. One of my favorite things to do on the internet is to find and collect the creepiest and most nonsensical stock photos. It’s a weird pastime, I realize this. Stock photos are almost...

Donkeys, Infrastructure, Love

We┬áspend a lot of time coming up with weird metaphors for what SEO and web design would be if they were something done offline. Would they be construction? Remodeling? Housecleaning? Let me explain. You see, we’ve come across a pretty consistent problem among...

Blogs and SEO

Ever since I started doing SEO I’ve had several friends contact me seeking help getting their blogs found in search. While I love meeting up with friends to discuss blogs and SEO over coffee (especially if they’re buying me a Crema cappuccino), I thought...

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