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Matt Cutts’ Musical Chairs

If you’re new to the world of search engine optimization, then you’ve probably never heard of Matt Cutts. Matt is the head of Google’s webspam team, and he’s in a constant dance / battle with SEO firms who are trying to outwit Google’s...

You Want a Job, Class of 2014?

Back when I was a twenty-something-year-old working in entry-level positions and trying to break into the professional world, social media wasn’t a thing. Friendster was launched the year after I finished college, and I was already creeping into non-food service...

Scrum for Marketing?

Last week I attended a two-day Scrum product owner certification course. Not only is Scrum a strange word to say (scum meets scrape?), but it’s a challenging concept to translate into what I do, which is marketing. We’ve written about agile software...

Can’t Add a Facebook Page Admin?

You guys. I just spent a very long time feeling frustrated (like, Hulk frustrated) that I couldn’t add any admins to a Facebook page that was created without a personal account. Facebook kept telling me I didn’t have permission to add anyone, no matter how...

Online Conversions

If you have an active website, you probably know what you’d like people to do once they get there. Maybe you want them to buy something from you, or you want them to send you their contact information or sign up for a newsletter. And it’s in your best...

The Love Affair With Big Data

This year at SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive), a tech festival that brings together marketers, entrepreneurs, startups, designers, and programmers, Big Data was everywhere. Panelists discussed harnessing data; Nate Silver presented on his methods for gathering...
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