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Minding the Confidence Gap

Last week, I was talking to one of our team about a talented developer who I wanted to lure away from her current job with the promise of a superhero cape and Wine Fridays. It seemed like I might have a chance – but then I got the disappointing news: Since she...

Why Good Service Matters in Tech

I know I keep talking about that trip I took to Portland in February, but bear with me one more time, because a conversation I had there keeps coming back to me, and it’s resonating with me even more now that we’re immersed in a hiring process. Part of the...

Three Common Mistakes People Make with WordPress

Natalie and I are gearing up to head off to Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive (no – this does not mean we’ll be catching that insanely hip band you used to love, until they made it big at SXSW. The music event is the following week!), and in...

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