Girl Hulk Smash Facebook!You guys. I just spent a very long time feeling frustrated (like, Hulk frustrated) that I couldn’t add any admins to a Facebook page that was created without a personal account. Facebook kept telling me I didn’t have permission to add anyone, no matter how many fans of that page I tried to add.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve tried the following and it hasn’t worked, this trick may work for you: You’ve tried to add a new admin by name, after they’ve liked the page. Nothing. You’ve tried to add the new admin by the email address associated with their Facebook account? Nothing but a sad red error message.

Read on.

Here’s what I did. There’s no guarantee this will work for you, but it worked for me, like magic. When I was logged in as the business page, I added a new admin with an email address that was not associated with a Facebook account.

Then I logged out of Facebook and I went to the admin confirmation email for the new email address, I clicked on the confirmation, and I set up a new personal account. Then, I went to the business page that I was requesting admin privileges for and “liked” it.

Then! I searched for my personal profile (the one that’s really me, not this new one, obviously) and added myself as a friend of my new personal account.

I logged out from the new personal account and logged back in as the business page, and for some amazing reason it let me add the new personal profile as an admin. It autofilled the form when I typed in the name. It was beautiful.

After that I logged out as the business, logged in as myself (my old self), accepted my new profile’s friend request, logged out as myself, logged back in as the new profile, went to the business page as the new profile (not the business account) and I was able to add myself. Keeping up?

Facebook doesn’t like for users to have more than one personal account, so after adding myself as a manager / admin I deleted the new profile as an admin, then deleted that new account altogether.

It shouldn’t have taken that long, but I tried every trick out there to add new admins to that page. I’ve managed dozens of Facebook pages and never seen a glitch like this, so I think it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon thing.  If you’re struggling for hours, like I did, try this trick and let me know if it works for you, too.

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