UPDATE: Over the course of several months, we’ve gotten one click from our LinkedIn ads. While this means that we’re not really paying anything, we’re not getting traffic from the ads either.

However, we are getting more referral traffic from our LinkedIn company page, so it’s possible that people are looking at our ad and instead of clicking on it they’re viewing our profile, then visiting our website from there.

Our conclusion on whether or not LinkedIn ads work: not exactly, but they haven’t been a drain on resources either.

Hi everyone. Welcome to our journey with LinkedIn ads. Today I created our first ad campaign with LinkedIn, and each week I’ll write an update on the effectiveness, cost, and visibility of our ad campaigns.

We like to be completely transparent about what we do and share with other businesses our process. This keeps things interesting, teaches everyone a little something, and helps all of us do a bit better online.

Today I launched two ads, targeting C-levels and directors at businesses in Canada and the United States. Kind of broad, huh?

LinkedIn Ads

I don’t know about you, but those images look terrible on my retina display. The size of the images used in LinkedIn ads and Twitter avatars tends to appear really grainy and awful on my screen.

I’m using the same headline on both of our ads: Be and Do Better Online. We’re experimenting with this tagline. It unites our desires for other businesses with our superhero theme.

All ads are currently going to our homepage because I am doing broad targeting rather than specific web development or marketing targeting. We like to pride ourselves on integrating SEO knowledge with web dev, so I wanted to go for that idea with these ads.

I’ve set our budget at a mere $20 per day, with a CPC (cost per click) of $2.01. LinkedIn sent me a coupon for $50, so that was why we were finally enticed to try. See? Discounts and coupons really work!

I’ll update you all weekly on how our LinkedIn ads are performing, what kind of traffic we’re getting from them, how they’re converting, and how much they cost.

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