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A couple weeks ago we posted about how social media is a terrifying beast, but it’s absolutely critical for your business to embrace it. And you need to have a plan on how to respond to positive, negative, strange, and satirical responses.

If you sell your products on sites that have reviews enabled, then you’ll also want to be prepared for the best and the worst. Do you have a staff member whose responsibility it is to monitor and respond to your product reviews?

Most of us won’t ever have to deal with an unusual quantity of satirical reviews, but, as the the BodyForm response proved, fake reviews can give you an amazing opportunity to ride a viral wave and get more visibility, to correct mistakes, and to re-position your brand, if you play it right.

Here are some of our favorite funny Amazon reviews. Unfortunately, none of the brands did anything to address the quantity or absurdity of these reviews, and we feel like they missed out on some amazing opportunities to go viral.

Fake and Funny Amazon Reviews

To read the original reviews, click the image for a link to its Amazon page.

Bic For Her

When Bic released a pen just for women, social media and Amazon blew up. Instead of simply complaining about the sexism implied in women needing a separate category of pen than men, people turned their anger into satire.

Bic for Her Reviews

Avery Binders (a.k.a. Binders Full of Women)

After Mitt Romney’s infamous comment about having binders full of women, hundreds of Amazon users began reviewing Avery’s binders, claiming that they did not actually come with women. Depending on your perspective, Avery was either very lucky or horribly unlucky to have been chosen for this satirical political response.

However, Avery could’ve considered creating its own nonpartisan and humorous response to the fact that it became the default binder brand for binders full of women.

Veet For Men Hair Removal Creme

While Veet’s slew of fake reviews wasn’t in response to a sexist product or a politically-charged moment, the reviewers of the product responded out of a discomfort to the very idea of hair removal for men. While plenty of men seek hair removal on a regular basis, the product presents enough of a social challenge that reviewers took their sarcasm to Amazon to make fun of a product traditionally marketed toward women.

Funny Amazon Review: Veet Hair Removal

Whole Rabbit and Milk

Sometimes fake reviews pop up because the product is just so strange that people don’t know how else to respond. This is obviously the case with both the whole rabbit and gallon of milk sold through Amazon.

Funny Amazon Review: Rabbit
Funny Amazon Review: Milk

Uranium Ore

Ah, uranium. No nuclear family is complete without it. At first I thought this was a joke, but it appears that this radioactive sample of uranium has relatively low levels of radioactivity. Perfect for baby’s nursery!

Uranium Ore on Amazon Review

If your product becomes the subject of hundreds of fake funny reviews on Amazon, you are handed an incredible opportunity. You can ignore it and let your reviewers drive your brand; you can embrace it and release marketing material that plays off of it; or, you can fight it and you will probably lose.

Has your brand or business experienced any sort of viral response that you had little to do with? Share with us in the comments below!

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