Okay, so right now you have one company managing your SEO and internet marketing, one hosting your website, another one doing your social media, and another one doing development. Fine. We get the whole eggs-in-multiple-baskets-thing.

But here’s a brief argument for why we believe having someone like us manage your entire web presence is actually good for you:

The Internet is constantly changing and you need to be incredibly agile, fast, and responsive. Having several companies manage various aspects of your online presence may seem to effectively distribute tasks and minimize risk, but it only adds an unnecessary burden.

Here are several good reasons to stick with one company when rebuilding and marketing your site:

  • If your infrastructure is bad, then your SEO team will not be able to do its job. We see this all the time.

Unfortunately there are many development shops out there that will build a site that does not perform well in search and is not attentive to the user experience.

Solution: Hire a development team that has experience building search engine optimized websites.

  • If your goals aren’t properly mapped out before your site is built, this may harm social media and marketing efforts. Commerce Kitchen’s staff includes project managers who are trained to help you carefully plan your site design and development so that it complements your goals as a business.Rather than focusing solely on getting your site ranked well in search, we want to make sure your site keeps visitors interested and converts well. After all, if you’re ranking high in Google but your site is poorly built, then you still won’t meet your online business objectives.


Solution: Ensure that your web development and design team knows exactly what your goals are. What are your conversion points? How much do you expect your business to grow from your website?

  • Flexibility and agility are absolutely critical. If your SEO team has to jump through hoops to get changes made on your site, then you are losing valuable time.As you probably know, Google releases algorithm updates that may quickly affect how your site performs in search. If your development and design team is separate from your SEO team, then these changes may take much longer than they should. Meanwhile, your competitors are leaping ahead of you.


Solution: If your SEO and marketing, development, and design team are part of the same organization then a change that would otherwise take days to complete can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

  • Your brand needs a consistent voice. If your social media presence deviates from your online marketing and your brand design, then you’re simply confusing potential clients and customers.Many business owners are much too busy to worry about integrating these things on their own. However, they often contract with several different firms that have divergent ideas on how to promote and present the brand.


Solution: At Commerce Kitchen our social media team literally sits across from our SEO team. Our developers and designers are mere feet away. We work closely to ensure that your brand is presented as a singular, effective, and creative concept across all aspects of the web.

Do you have questions about your web presence? Call us today and we’ll let you know how integrated or dis-integrated your brand is. We want you to do well online, so please let us know how we can help.

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