Why It’s Okay To Share On Social Media:

  1. Being selective doesn’t mean being stingy: Don’t share every piece of garbage that people post. But guess what? Not everyone posts garbage. People post great articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and images all the time.

    Humans are amazing. We’re smart and creative and funny and considerate. Choose what you post based on quality and relevance, but don’t be stingy. There’s no right or wrong number of times to retweet or share someone’s Facebook status. Make sure you’re posting your own material, but don’t be afraid to share other great material, too.

  2. Sharing shows you are interested in people who aren’t you: Unless you are a complete sociopath (apologies if you are), then you care about other people. Most of us are genuinely interested in other people–interested in what they’re creating, things they’re learning, and how they’re putting this information out into the world.

    Creating a successful business is about making connections. How many of us would be where we are today if it weren’t for a friend, a former co-worker, and college buddy who helped us get a job, who helped us find our footing in a new industry?We are interested in each other, not just ourselves and our own well-being. That’s kind of beautiful, man.

  3. There is great content out there that you’re not creating; so what!: It’s easy to become self-obsessed in the world of social media. We want thousands of people to “like” us, to follow us, to re-post our material.

    Coming up with brilliant ideas is hard work, and getting those ideas to go viral is even harder.Work hard, work smart, but be proud of other people’s achievements and share them. There’s plenty of love to go around.

  4. Jealousy / being overly critical is a terrible trait: I’m guilty of being overly critical. But if I’m working hard to create the kind of material I want to create, then I have no reason to be jealous of other people’s achievements.

    Okay, so I realize this sounds like a self-help manual, but many businesses don’t connect well on social media because they’re unwilling to acknowledge other organizations’ successes. Did a competitor create something awesome? Great! Be happy for them. Now, what can you do that’s even better?

  5. It’s all about reciprocating, baby: If you share your love then people will be more willing to talk about you and your work, to share your articles and blog posts with their friends.

    They’ll feel a connection with you just by seeing that you’ve publicly acknowledged their work.

    Everyone deserves to take pride in their creations, and the more we work to appreciate each other, the more our connections and networks grow and strengthen.

How often do you share someone else’s blog posts, articles, images, and other information? Do you get a positive, neutral, or negative response when you share other people’s material? Answer in the comments below!

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