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The elusive VIRUS. We all want it to happen to us, but the chances of it happening are like winning the lottery. This week a nonprofit hit the jackpot with its Kony 2012 video, which exploded on Twitter and Facebook.

After the video hit viral status people took a step back to analyze its merits and legitimacy, but regardless of either factor, it is a prime example of a huge-ass virus infecting our collective consciousness (whoa, I just realized that social media has made us into a real, live breathing Borg. Mind. Blown.)

I wish this blog post would teach you how to make something go viral, step-by-step, but I think that’s unrealistic. Frankly, I believe virality is a combination of knowing your audience, finding the right mixture of cleverness and predictability, and pure luck.

Aww that is a cute asss cat

Let’s look at cats. As a dog person I believe that cat people literally have a virus that makes them especially crazy for cats.

But even on the Internet cats are like this magical force that generates a ridiculous amount of luv and lulz.

While the rabid fascination with LOLCats seems to have died down a little bit, people will still spend a disconcerting amount of time looking at pictures and videos of felines.

So maybe if you want something to go viral you should include a cat doing something weird. PEOPLE LOVE MEMES. Prime examples: Ryan Gosling (being romantic to any number of professional women); Keep Calm Carry On; What My Parents Think I Do…; and on and on.

If you hop on a meme at the right time, you can be incredibly successful. Dare I say, viral. Cats being lazy, cute, vindictive, or scheming is a meme that just doesn’t seem to want to die. And cat people love being cat people.

So without further ado, the best cat video I’ve seen in a long time. Granted, these cats aren’t living, but this video is so freaking weird and awesome. With nearly 100,000 views it isn’t as successful as Kony 2012 (28 million views), but it should attract a decent audience of weirdos and cat lovers alike.

What is the most memorable viral video or cat meme you’ve seen? Answer below!

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