Awkward Stock Photos: Awkward High Five

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One of my favorite things to do on the internet is to find and collect the creepiest and most nonsensical stock photos. It’s a weird pastime, I realize this.

Stock photos are almost inherently awkward. They’re posed, staged, and usually don’t quite capture an essence of reality.

This blogger may have said it best:

When users see and recognize general stock photos they tend to feel like the site is fake or cheesy. Relevant photographs let the user know that you care about the experience and that you want to show them what is important to you. Also, bad photos — even relevant ones — can drive the user away for the same reason. Great photography is always a wise investment. Hire good photographers to take product, location and staff images.

While I agree wholeheartedly, sometimes we can’t afford a good photographer, or sometimes we’re in a situation where we need an interesting image, and fast. I would say avoid stock photos if you can, but if you can’t, then definitely avoid awkward stock photos like the ones below, unless your post, page, or content is equally as awkward.

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve seen my obsession with awkward stock photos. So here is a gallery, which includes some of our favorite awkward stock photos along with our Facebook fans’ captions, where they exist.

Awkward Stock Photos

A Gallery of Awesomeness and Hilarity

All Images Courtesy of Shutterstock

Awkward Stock Photo: Ghost

Image #1: Gymnast Frederika Navlitolov scores a solid 8.7 sticking the rarely seen hot wings of death dismount. (Caption winner, Brad C.)
Awkward Stock Photos: Sad Man At Christmas

Image #2: There, amid the shattered wreckage of his squandered life, Larry saw half a peperoni stick in the shag carpet and decreed it a Christmas Miracle. (Caption winner, Michael K.)
Awkward Stock Photos: Man with Gasoline Pump

Image #3: Don’t think I won’t do it.
Awkward Stock Photos: Womean with a Pizza

Image #4: I wouldn’t eat that pizza if I were you.
Awkward Stock Photos: Sexy Woman With Lawnmower

Image #5: If you push on the lawn mower hard enough it’ll start. Also, this woman knows a practical pair of work shoes when she sees it.
Awkward Stock Photo: Crazy Woman with Heart

Image #6: Huh.
Awkward Stock Photos: Business Man with Tennis Racket

Image #7: But seriously, when would you ever need a photos like this? Ever.
Awkward Stock Photos: Epilady Cat

Image #8: She’s not just a Cat Lady. She’s a Cat Epilady.
Awkward Stock Photos: Man with Handcuffs

Image #9: He’s 3/4 contemplative, 1/4 criminally insane.
Awkward Stock Photos: Gross Man

Image #10: I’m not sure if it’s his airbrushed tongue that gives me the creeps or just the entire composition of this photo. Either way, eww.
Awkward Stock Photo: Man with Rubber Ducky and Handstand

Image #11: So. This exists.
Awkward Stock Photos: Man with Food

Awkward Stock Photos: Food Fight

Image #13: And that was the last Valentine’s Day he bought her parsley because it was cheaper than roses.
Awkward Stock Photos: Brady Bunch

Image #14: That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch.
Awkward Stock Photos: Man Baby

Image #15: If the pacifier didn’t give it away, then the diaper should. Subtle. Real subtle.
Awkward Stock Photos: Ape Man Pirate

Image #16: Is he an ape man? Is he a pirate? OMFG, he’s BOTH! RUN!
Awkward Stock Photos: Woman with Scale

Image #17: I BOUGHT A SCALE!!!!!
Awkward Stock Photos: Levitating Fruit

Image #18: Yeah, we’ve seen your levitating fruit trick before, John. Put them away.
Awkward Stock Photos: Woman with Post-It Note on Forehead

Image #19: Please, come in to my office.
Awkward Stock Photo: Evil Twin

Image #20: They were both the evil twin.
I could go on forever, but I’ll stop at 20. At least for today.

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