If you’re looking to hire a group of SEO experts to do SEO for your business with multiple locations, contact Tynan RIGHT NOW! Seriously. We can help. Otherwise, read below for some DIY tips.

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Local SEO is one of the most important factors in the SEO world as Google places more and more significance on local signals and citations.

SEOmoz had a great webinar last week on local SEO, with the gist of it being what we already emphasize every day with our clients: become active in your community (both online and locally), do great work, and don’t be afraid to share the love.

However, it’s also important that citations of your address are accurate and consistent across the Internet. This is harder than it seems. Several sites–such as Google Places, Yelp, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local–make it relatively easy to update your information. However, the online Yellow Pages sites often pull their info from slightly obscure sources, making it harder to update your information.

Local SEO Albuquerque

If you have multiple locations this complicates it even more. Be sure that your website has a page dedicated to each of these locations. Embed the Google Places map of your location on the appropriate page. While I’m not positive, I believe that it helps your local search results to have the embedded maps on each locations’ page.

We manage several sites with multiple listings. CPR123 has offices in Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens. ABC Garage Doors offers its services in Washington DC, Columbus, Virginia, and Maryland. And All American Moving Services operates out of Denver and Albuquerque.

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While each of these sites uses a slightly different format, we find that providing unique content on each of the location pages can help Google to see that you really do have something to offer at each location.

You might also consider blogging about location-specific topics. Is there an interesting event coming up in one of your cities? Will your company somehow be involved? Blog about it! Google is currently all ga-ga over the “freshness” of blog posts, and we agree that they can definitely drive traffic to your site.

Finally, try to get involved in your neighborhood and community in each of the cities your business is active in. Support local nonprofits, sponsor events, and try and help improve and promote your neighborhood. It’s good for your community and your business.

Does your business have multiple locations? Do some of your locations do better than others in local search?

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