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We make no pretense to hide our love for food. We love cooking, going out to eat, and, yes, even looking at pictures of food. But one thing that we feel continually dismayed about is the state of restaurants’ websites.

We want your restaurant to do well online, but so few restaurants actually do it right. Here’s some quick advice for your restaurant’s website.

SEO for Restaurants: 3 Tips

1. Offer your menus as a page or pages on your site, not just PDFs. There are few things more irritating than having to download a menu off a site to read it. Not only that, but you’re missing out on so many keyword opportunities by having your menu in PDF format rather than as text on a page on your site.

If you want your customers to be able to download and print your menu, great. You can definitely add a link to the PDF on the menu’s page. But make sure the main menu is accessible on an easy-to-find page, and doesn’t have to be downloaded to your customer’s computer.

Also, the search engines will “read” your text, and when someone searches for Brown butter sage ravioli in Denver, if it’s on your menu there’s a chance your restaurant will come up in search. But only if that menu is readable by the search engines.

2. Identify what it is that customers want: menu, hours, location, delivery?Your site might be pretty and artistically brilliant, but let’s be honest: most people looking for your restaurant’s website want to know three things: menu, location/contact, hours.

Make sure those three things, plus any other significant information (e.g. delivery area and fees) are featured prominently on your site. I don’t want to have to poke around to find your hours or your phone number. I want it to be right there, simple, straightforward.

3. Make sure everything is indexable: Going back to my argument for on-site menus, I encourage you to make sure everything is indexable. Embedding your text in images means that no Google-bot will ever know what’s written there.I’ve seen restaurant websites built entirely from images, and this is doubtlessly causing you to lose a ton of web traffic. Even if you use an incredibly simple, free template, as long as your text is readable, the search engines will index you.

We want your restaurant to succeed, and we’d love to see better restaurant websites on the Internet.

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