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Here in Denver, Colorado it’s a big weekend for the music scene. The Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase brings together Denver’s favorite indie bands for a crazy weekend packed full of music. Also, it just so happens to take place in my neighborhood, so I get to indulge in the festivities every year.

Before I dive into these tips, let me quickly give you a little bit of history about myself. I’ve been playing in Denver bands for the past 10 years or so, and my spouse is a Denver stand-up comedian. Before I did SEO I built my old band, Rabbit Is a Sphere, a really crappy website. I had no idea what I was doing back then, and while the website looked okay, it wasn’t even remotely optimized. I know that a lot of musicians, comedians, and other performers want a cool site, and they teach themselves the basics of Dreamweaver to get it done for free.

This is fine, but your site isn’t necessarily going to be found in search, not even for your own band name. So here are five quick SEO tips for bands, comedians, and other entertainers who don’t have the resources to hire an SEO company like us. We get it. We’ve been there, too.

SEO Tips for Bands and Entertainers

1. Research keywords. Use Google’s keyword tool to find out what phrases people are searching. You’ll obviously want to optimize your site for your own band name, but what else? Rabbit Is a Sphere Indie Denver Band? Best Denver Bands? What are people searching for, when it comes to your scene?

2.Use WordPress. I know it’s simple and you may hate template sites, but WordPress offers some awesome SEO plug-ins that will help you optimize your site ridiculously easily. The All in One SEO Pack is pretty comprehensive, and it lets you optimize each page and blog post by adding meta-data and tags. Also, you can buy some pretty cool templates that don’t look so…what’s the word? Prepackaged? Generic?

3. Track your site with Analytics. Install Google Analytics into your header, then log-in daily to see how people are getting to your site. Is it Facebook? Twitter? Direct traffic? Some really weird keyphrases in Google? You can use this information to find out who is spending time on your site, and why.

4. Network with other bands, comedians, your mom, etc.. I read somewhere recently that collaboration is the new competition, and I agree. Every time you play a show with somebody, get their contact info. Visit their site. Don’t be afraid to link to them and to ask them for a link. Same goes for friends and family with websites and blogs. They love you for a reason, and they’re going to want to see your band rockin’ the search.

5. Blog. You gotta blog. Blog about your shows, your thoughts, your plans. Take lots of pictures and include some in your blogs. WordPress lets you easily add alt-tags to your photographs, and this will also help you get found in search. Make sure your blog is part of your site (not external). Share your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, and other discovery engines and social networks.

Alright, so there are five easy tips. Remember, there’s a whole lot more to internet marketing than this, but these SEO tips should get you started!

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