Making sure that your site is found in search is a multi-layered process. We build inbound links. We make sure your business is listed correctly in hundreds of online directories. We design interesting widgets and infographics.

But there’s more to SEO than this. And that’s where you come in. One of the most reliable and valuable types of inbound links you can get are from people and organizations that you interact with on a daily basis.

Every time you meet a new client, vendor, or potential business partner or associate, you should be considering how you can secure a link to your website. There are a couple ways to do this: you can ask directly, or you can send their contact information to us and we will follow up.

If your clients are individual consumers, then you shouldn’t consider the sale the end of your interaction. Encouraging your client to review your company on Yelp, InsiderPages, Yahoo, or CitySearch will help your Google rankings, especially in local search.

restaurant denver - Google Search.jpg

As you can see above, I did a Google search for “restaurant denver,” a relatively vague term. The restaurant that came up first in the local search results is one that has more than 950 reviews online. How many reviews does your company have?

While we are continually seeking out ways to encourage people to review your site online, and to link to you from their site, the best time to ask for a link or a review is when you’re fresh in their mind.

You can consider this an easy add-on to your current customer service. Asking for a link or a review shows your clients that you value their opinions, and you want to be associated with them online. And in the end your site will benefit immensely from these high-quality links and reviews.

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