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Everyone knows that SEO is important, but few people understand SEO basics. At New Why we do things a little differently: we want to create long-lasting, quality relationships between you and the rest of the Web. We believe that clogging up the Internet with junk, just to build links and artificially inflate your site, is not only unethical, but is doomed to fail. Instead, this is our vision.

SEO Basics According to New Why

Our approach to SEO considers several factors: your site’s infrastructure and usability, quality onsite content, your existing networks, and your potential networks.

Site infrastructure and usability: If your site isn’t built well, the search engines won’t be able to find it. By designing or redesigning a site with SEO in mind, we’re able to ensure that your website is search friendly and that your target audience is able to easily navigate your site.

Quality onsite content: Are you targeting appropriate keyphrases without sounding spammy? Do you know where and how to place keyphrases so that the search engines understand the true content of your site?

Existing networks: Your existing networks are a goldmine. Most business owners don’t realize that one of the foundational elements of SEO basics is understanding how to fully benefit from the relationships you’ve already worked hard to build. Your vendors, partners, clients, distributors, and anyone else you do business with on a regular basis can help grow your online presence.

Potential networks: Link building. The phrase can be daunting and discouraging, especially when we see the sheer quantity of low-quality linking sites across the Web. New Why helps you identify, grow, and develop networks across the Internet that are based on genuine connections.

The SEO basics that we believe in are ethical, genuine, and long-lasting. Let’s stop supporting SEO companies that use shady tactics and black hat link building techniques. You believe in the value of your business or company: it’s time to use an SEO firm that does too.

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