Why Social Media? Social Media in Business

There are three components to social media in business that every business owner should understand. One: customer service. Two: brand monitoring. Three: sales.

Social Media in Business: a Customer Service Tool

More and more people are turning to social media to give feedback about your products and services. Not too long ago, consumers called you if they had a problem, or they recommended you to a close network of friends. Today they’re reviewing you on Yelp, complimenting you on Twitter, or “liking” you on Facebook.

Why are they doing this? Because they want to talk about you on the Web. And they have big networks. One person tweeting negatively or positively about your business may reach thousands of people (check out our blog post about Urban Outfitters and Twitter). But you have the opportunity to respond, to ameliorate the anger or thank your customer for the recommendation.

Social media in business means that customer service has become very public. This can be great for your business if you handle it promptly, and if you’re aware of what’s being said about you on the social networks.

Corporate Social Media: Brand Monitoring

Getting involved in corporate social media also allows you to monitor your brand or your competitors’ brands online. You can track what people are saying, and this allows you to better strategize your advertising and marketing methods.

Luckily there are tools that track mentions of your brand or your competitors’ brands, so that you aren’t struggling to keep track of every single site online where you might be mentioned.

As we mentioned above, our tendency today to tweet or type everything we think means that your business is bound to come up somewhere, and if you’re not monitoring it you can bet someone else is.

Social Media for Corporations and Businesses: Sales

While getting involved in social media will not necessarily guarantee sales, simply having an active presence on the sites where a startling majority of people spend their time will increase brand recognition and trust.

In addition to this, utilizing social media in business for advertising purposes can allow you to target very specific demographics. Facebook ads allow a more targeted advertising strategy than perhaps anywhere—on or off the Web. Knowing how to use this can be a great advantage to your business.

Hiring a Social Media Company

If managing social media for your business seems too daunting, consider hiring Commerce Kitchen. We’re a highly ethical and creative social media company in Denver. We delve deep into your industry to understand how and why your customers and clients think the way they do, and we bring this knowledge to our social media management services.

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