Social technologies began with the invention of the once revolutionary telegraph. We’ve made enormous strides over the past 150 years, and today social technologies include cell-phones, blogs, wikis, social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, customized Nings, and all the software and technologies that work together to form Web 2.0.

Social Technologies for SEO and web marketing

Social technologies are becoming more and more significant for SEO and web marketing. Search engines continue to add more weight to social technologies and social networks. If your organization isn’t active in social technologies, then you aren’t taking full advantage of an incredibly useful service.

When we employ social technologies to optimize your web presence, we take on your organization’s persona. We interact with other users–posting, responding, and engaging with communities online.

The key to using social technologies successfully is to use them often, and to pay attention to what your community is talking about, and what needs are left unfilled.

Social Technologies for customer service

In addition to providing web marketing opportunities, social technologies are crucial if your organization wants to provide high-quality, responsive customer service.

Word of mouth has always been a potent force. However, with the invention of Twitter, Yelp, and other social technologies, word of mouth is even more powerful than before.

We monitor mentions of you in the various social technologies online, continually informing you of opportunities to provide your customers with the fastest and most responsive customer service possible.

Social Technologies: Denver community

Commerce Kitchen is proud to call Denver home. Our expertise in social technologies, Denver communities, and SEO ensures that we’ll get your Denver business found in local search. We’ll utilize social technologies to increase your presence in the Denver community.

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