What You Need to Know to Improve Usability

  • The code behind your site is written so well it maximizes your search results.
  • Your website can be searched by mobile users (PDA’s and iPhones).
  • Tools built into your content management system like XML sitemaps, RSS feeds and meta-data keep your site on the cutting edge.
  • Find the online communities where your customers are active and create marketing buzz.

The Long and Short of It: Improve Your Search Results and Rank

Believe it or not, Google has recently added a new component to its algorithms that aims to fight spam: it surveys your website for how well it was built. This means search engines are looking at the actual code behind your website to see if it’s correct, using W3C standards and generally accepted best-practices.

The theory here is that websites that are truly aiming to offer high quality goods, services, and information, will put proper care and attention into their code-base. It also happens that a statistically significant share of spam-related websites have poorly written code.

As such, we write all of the code for your website to be W3C compliant and use only CSS-based layouts to maximize how easy your site is to search. The results: quicker rankings.

Working Inline with Google’s Philosophy

Google and Yahoo fine-tune their search algorithms every day to rank the most relevant, informative and respected websites above all others. They employ over 500 of the most intelligent engineers available to tweak these algorithms daily.

We do not believe we are smarter than these engineers, so we work inline with their philosophy: our job is to make sure your website is making the internet a better place by providing valuable, searchable content.

Commission a Site Audit Today to See What You Can Do Better

Our website audit delivers to you a 10-15 page PDF document outlining specific recommendations for how to make your website Google compliant. It addresses in detail the following:

  • We will use cutting-edge marketing science to ascertain how new web trends are affecting your conversion rate (an example of this is the power video is now having on web conversions)
  • Audit the code-foundation of your website: how accessible is it? How long does it take to load? Is this appropriate for your target market?
  • How well does your website use drivers to funnel traffic to the right spot?
  • How well does your website take advantage of specific landing pages to target a specific type of customer, rather than casting too wide of a net?
  • How self-explanatory is your checkout process?
  • Are new media techniques being explored such as audio, video and live chat? Do they need to be?
  • How does your site convey its first impression on the search engines? What type of text are you using in your browser titles and meta descriptions to convince visitors you are the link they should click on?
  • Do your pay per click campaigns (if applicable) drive visitors to web pages that make it clear they’ve arrived on a site that fulfills their needs or answers their questions?
  • How well is your site in general setup for organic search engine optimization? What changes can be made to increase your rankings?

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