You’ve heard the term. Or maybe you’ve felt the sting of a competitor using black hat SEO techniques to get their site ranked well. There’s a part of you that wants as many links as possible, no matter how unethically obtained those links are, because you believe it will help your rankings.

We come across a lot of black hat SEOs in our competitive research, and we’ve come to this conclusion: black hat SEO is destroying the web.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a strategy used by SEO firms looking to quickly inflate their clients’ ratings and rankings. Often times it involves buying links, spamming other sites with links, hacking into vulnerable sites and creating link pages, and generating thousands of ‘content farm’ sites, whose sole purpose is to create more and more links.

Black Hat SEOIn the end, Google catches these techniques and penalizes sites that use them, but the quality of the Internet continues to decline. How many times have you been searching for something that you want or need, and you come across a completely useless site? Probably weekly, if not daily.

New Why refuses to use black hat SEO techniques

In our research we constantly come across black hat SEOs, and we’re faced with two realizations: one, in the short term these strategies seem to work. Two, our creative investment in your company outweighs–a billion times over–the creative energy these black hat SEO firms put into their work.

What this means is that we’re using our highly talented and unusually creative team to come up with long-term strategies for your SEO success. These involve quality content, quality links, and quality networks. Google will never penalize your business for creating true authority on the web, which is what we will always work toward.

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